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Dear Reiki Student or Practitioner,

We have over 400 Reiki classes scheduled each year which are taught by our Professional Licensed Teachers (PLTs). These classes are located all over the United States as well as many other countries.

Holy Fire Reiki
This is a new form of Reiki being introduced by the ICRT. It is both powerful and gentle and provides purification, healing, empowerment and guidance.  It is included as part of our Usui Reiki classes and has also been added to Karuna Reiki® training. Learn more about Holy Fire Reiki.

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Senior Reiki Master/Teacher
William Rand

Phone: (800) 332-8112 or
(248) 948-8112
Fax: (248) 948-9534 (Michigan EST)
Facilitating classes in: MI, NY, UK, Europe, Australia, Japan, Brazil, India, Netherlands, and other areas internationally.

Usui/Holy Fire Reiki I & II
Sep 19-20, 2014 Gold Coast, Australia
Oct 3-4, 2014 Melbourne, Australia
Oct 17-18, 2014 Launceston, Australia

Usui/Holy Fire ART/Master
Apr 25-27, 2014 Glens Falls, NY - Sold Out
Email us to be placed on waiting list.

May 19-23, 2014 Glastonbury, UK - Stonehenge
May 26-30, 2014 Glastonbury, UK - Stonehenge
July 11-13, 2014 Anchorage, AK
Jul 18-20, 2014 Hana, Maui, HI
Aug 15-17, 2014 Redondo Beach, CA
Sep 22-24, 2014 Gold Coast, Australia
Oct 6-8, 2014 Melbourne, Australia
Oct 20-22, 2014 Launceston, Australia

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master
Apr 29-May 1, 2014 Glens Falls, NY
Mar 6-12, 2014 Hana, Maui, HI - Sold Out
Email us to be placed on waiting list.

Jun 2-6, 2014 Glastonbury, UK - Stonehenge
Jun 9-13, 2014 Glastonbury, UK - Stonehenge - Sold Out
Email us to be placed on waiting list.

Jul 25-27, 2014 Hana, Maui, HI
Aug 19-21, 2014 Redondo Beach, CA
Sep 26-28, 2014 Gold Coast, Australia
Oct 10-12, 2014 Melbourne, Australia
Oct 24-26, 2014 Launceston, Australia
Nov 13-19, 2014 Hana, Maui, HI - 7 Day Class

Reiki in Australia 2014

2014 Reiki Retreat Labor Day Weekend, 2014
Aug 29-Sep 1, Silver Bay, NY

Senior Reiki Master/Teachers
and ICRT Mentor Teachers
Laurelle Shanti Gaia &
Michael Arthur Baird

Laurelle is Director of the ICRT Professional Licensed Reiki Master Teacher Program
Register on our secure website:
Phone: 1-928-204-1216
Facilitating classes in:


Our FULL schedule is posted at

Holy Fire Reiki I & II
Mar 7-8, - Sedona, AZ
Apr 12-13, - Sedona, AZ
May 9-10, - Sedona, AZ
Jun 14-15, - Sedona, AZ
Jul 5-6, Sedona, AZ
Aug 8-9, Sedona, AZ
Sep 12-13, Sedona, AZ
Nov 7-8, Sedona, AZ

Holy Fire ART/Reiki Master Teacher
Mar 21-23, 2014- Sedona, AZ (Spring Equinox class)

May 23-25, 2014- Sedona, AZ
(Memorial Day weekend)

Sep 26-28, Sedona, AZ

Nov 10-11, Sedona, AZ

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher*
Feb 17-21, 2014 - Sedona, AZ
(Karuna Reiki Master 5 day Emergence)

Apr 17-19, 2014- Sedona, AZ

June 19-21, 2014- Sedona, AZ
(summer solstice class)

Oct 10-12, Sedona, AZ

*Laurelle is the author of:
The Book on Karuna Reiki
...advanced healing energy
for our evolving world

Senior Reiki Master Teacher
and ICRT Mentor Teacher
Colleen Benelli
Phone: 503 912 0664(PT)
Facilitating classes in OR, CA, ID, WA

Holy Fire Reiki I & II
Apr 17-18, Portland, OR
May 3-4, Portland, OR
Jun 14-15, Portland, OR
Aug 9-10, Portland, OR
Sep 13-14, Portland, OR
Sep 17-18, Seattle, WA
Oct 1-2, Portland, OR
Oct 15-16, San Diego, CA
Nov 1-2, Portland, OR
Dec 6-7, Portland, OR

Holy Fire ART/Master

Mar 21-23, Portland, OR
May 16-18, Portland, OR
Sep 19-21, Seattle WA
Oct 3-5, Portland, OR
Oct 17-19, San Diego, CA

Holy Fire Master ONLY
Mar 22-23, Portland, OR

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master
Mar 6-12, Hana HI
Jun 20-22, Portland, OR
Nov 7-9, Portland, OR

Senior Reiki Master/Teacher
Melford Bergland
Curacao, Netherland Antilles (Caribbean)
Phone: (599-9) 869-7733
Fax: (599-9) 869-3275

Senior Reiki Master/Teacher
Lynn Boggess
540-947-5888 (Eastern Time)
Teaching in Virginia, Washington DC Area

Reiki I & II
Feb 22-13, 2014, Blue Ridge, VA
Apr 12-13, Blue Ridge, VA
May 1-2, Blacksburg, VA
Jul 19-20, Richmond, VA
Nov 15-16, Richmond, VA

Nov 14, Richmond, VA

Apr 4-6, 2014, Blue Ridge, VA
Oct 3-5, Blue Ridge, VA

Karuna Reiki Master
Nov 7-9, Blue Ridge, VA

Senior Reiki Master/Teacher
Duff Cady
Duff Cady passed to the other side on July 25, 2009 read his memorial.

Reiki Master Teacher
Jennifer Dale

Facilitating classes in Asheville, NC

Reiki I & II
Feb 22-23, Asheville, NC
April 26&27, Asheville, NC

March 8, Asheville, NC
May 24, Asheville, NC

Master ONLY
Mar 15-16, Asheville, NC

Reiki Master Teacher
Silvia Flores
Phone: 843-817-3893
Facilitating classes in SC

Reiki I & II
Feb 22-23, Charleston, SC
Apr 5-6, Charleston, SC
Jul 26-27, Charleston, SC

May 2-4, Charleston, SC

Reiki Master Teacher
Robin Fuerst
Facilitating classes in OR, WA, ND
, ID, MT.
Cell phone 509-432-6873

Reiki I & II
Feb 22-23, Bend, OR
Mar 15-16, Bend, OR
Apr 16-17, Bend OR
Apr 26-27, Bend, OR
May 3-4, TBA, ND
May 31-Jun 1, Bend, OR

Apr 11-13, Bend, OR
May 8-10, Bismark, ND

Karuna Reiki Master
Mar 7-9, 2014, Bend, OR

Senior Reiki Master/Teachers
Carlos & Ana Gonzalez
(Note: Classes Available in English or Spanish)
Phone: 1-516-742-4791 (New York)
Facilitating healing sessions and classes in NY & Costa Rica, Central America

Reiki I & II
Dec 7-8, Midtown Manhattan NY
Jan 4-5, 2014 Midtown Manhattan NY
Feb 1-2, Midtown Manhattan NY


Jan 17-18, Midtown Manhattan NY

Karuna Reiki® Master
Feb 14-16, Midtown Manhattan NY

Senior Reiki Master Teacher
Karen Harrison
Contact Information:
816-523-4440 (CT) Facilitating classes in KS, TX, OK, NE and MO.

Reiki I & II
Feb 8-9, Kansas City, KS
Apr 26-27, Dallas, TX
May 3-4, Kansas City, KS
May 17-18, St. Louis, MO
Jun 16-17, Kansas City, KS
Jun 28-29, Omaha, NE
Jul 26-27, Wichita, KS
Aug 23-24, Oklahoma, OK
Sep 13-14, Kansas City, KS

ART/Reiki Master
Apr 4-6, 2014, Kansas City, KS
Jul 11-13, Dallas, TX
Aug 8-10, St. Louis, MO

Karuna Reiki Master
Mar 8-10, Kansas City, KS

Reiki Master Teacher
Tracy Houchins
Phone: 410-599-3535
Facilitating classes and healing sessions in Maryland, USA

Holy Fire Reiki I & II
Mar 15-16, Marriottsville, MD
Apr 9-10, Marriottsville, MD
May 14-15, Marriottsville, MD

Holy Fire ART/Master
May 2-5, Marriottsville, MD

Senior Reiki Master/Teacher
Colleen Kempf

Phone: 812-989-0548
Facilitating classes in KY, IN

Reiki I & II
Mar 8-9 New Albany, IN
Apr 26-27, New Albany, IN
Jun 7-8, New Albany, IN

May 17, New Albany, IN

ART/Reiki Master
Mar 14-16, New Albany, IN

Senior Reiki Master/Teacher
Kathie Lipinski
Phone: 1-631-360-6722
(New York, EST)
Facilitating classes in NJ, NY

Reiki I & II
Mar 15-16, 2014 Nesconset, LI, NY
Mar 29-30, 2014 Whippany, NJ
Jun 7-8, Nesconset, LI, NY
Sep 13-14, Nesconset, LI, NY
Oct 25-26, Whippany, NJ

Apr 26, Whippany, NJ
May 3, Nesconset, LI, NY
Oct 5, Wallingford, CT

Master ONLY
May 31-Jun 1, Whippany, NJ

May 16-18, Nesconset,NY

Karuna Reiki Practitioner I & II ONLY
Mar 1-2, 2014 Nesconset, LI, NY

Karuna Reiki Master
Jul 11-13, Nesconset, NY
Nov 21-23, Whippany, NJ

Senior Reiki Master/Teacher
Jaleh Makhzani
+98 21 22229404
Facilitating classes in Iran, CA, MD, VA, DC
Mobile: +98 912 612 7058

Mobile US: 240-396-7111

Senior Reiki Master Teacher &
ICRT Mentor Teacher
Jessica Miller
(California PST)
Bus. Cell: 1-626-963-3533
Facilitating classes in CA, MA, Japan

Holy Fire Reiki I & II
Feb 8-9 Glendale-La Crescenta, CA
Mar 8-9 Glendale-La Crescenta, CA
Mar 15-16 Santa Monica, CA
Mar 29-30 San Jose-Sunnyvale, CA
Apr 12-13 Glendale-La Crescenta, CA
Apr 26-27 San Jose-Sunnyvale, CA
Jun 2-3, San Jose-Sunnyvale, CA
Jun 7-8, Muncie, IN
Jun 14-15, Glendale-La Crescenta, CA
Jun 21-22, San Jose, CA-Sunnyvale, CA
Jun 28-29, St. Louis, MO

Holy Fire ART/Master
Mar 22-24 Los Angeles, CA
May 3-5, San Jose-Sunnyvale, CA
May 10-12, Glendale/LaCresenta, CA

Holy Fire Karuna Master
May 17-19, San Jose-Sunnyvale, CA

Senior Reiki Master Teacher
Carolyn Musial
Phone: 716-572-3980
Facilitating classes in NY, PA, Ontario, Canada


Reiki I & II
Apr 5-6, Buffalo/Niagara Falls NY
Jun 7-8, Buffalo/Niagara Falls, NY
Aug 2-3, Buffalo/Niagara Falls, NY

Jul 5-7, 2014, Buffalo/Niagara Falls NY

Karuna Reiki Master
May 2-4, 2014, Buffalo/Niagara Falls NY

Reiki Master/Teacher
Patricia Naffky

Phone: (716)308-0449
Facilitating classes in New York, Georgia, and North Carolina

Reiki I & II
Feb 15-16, Buffalo, NY
Mar 15-16, Buffalo, NY
Apr 19-20, Buffalo, NY

ART/Reiki Master Teacher
Feb 7-9, 2014, Buffalo, NY
Apr 11-13, Buffalo, NY

Reiki Master Teacher
Julie Russell
Phone: 949.388.0920 
Facilitating classes in Southern California, Akron, OH

Reiki I & II
Feb 8-9, Ladera Ranch-S. Orange County,CA
Mar 15-16, Ladera Ranch-S. Orange County,CA
Apr 12-13, Ladera Ranch-S. Orange County,CA
May 17-18, Ladera Ranch-S. Orange County,CA
Jun 21-22, Ladera Ranch-S. Orange County,CA
Jul 19-20, Ladera Ranch-S. Orange County,CA
Sep 13-14, Ladera Ranch-S. Orange County,CA

Aug 22-24, 2014 Ladera Ranch-S. Orange County, CA

Apr 25-27, Ladera Ranch-S. Orange County, CA

Senior Reiki Master/Teacher
Beth Simmons Stapor

Phone: 1-931 260 0815 or
(Tennessee CST)
Facilitating classes in TN

Reiki I & II
May 17-18, 2014 Dale Hollow Lake, TN

September 12-14, 2014 Dale Hollow Lake, TN

Karuna Reiki Master
Jun 20-22, 2014 Dale Hollow Lake, TN

Reiki Master/Teacher
Dianne Thomas
Facilitating classes in: SC and AL
Phone: 843-821-0232



Reiki I & II
Feb 8-9 Charleston, SC
Mar 8-9 Charleston, SC
Apr 12-13, Charleston, SC
May 3-4, Charleston, SC
Jun 7-8, Charleston, SC

ART Master
Feb 21-23, Charleston, SC
Jun 20-22, Charleston, SC

Senior Reiki Master/Teacher
Sandra Trimble
Facilitating classes in:
Phone: 850.217.5419



Reiki I & II
Feb 8-9, 2014 Baton Rouge, LA
Feb 22-23,2014 Ft. Walton/Destin, FL
Apr 12-13, Ft. Walton/Destin, FL
Jun 21-22, Baton Rouge, LA

May 23-25, Ft. Walton/Destin, FL
Aug 15-17, Ft. Walton/Destin, FL

Karuna Reiki Master
Mar 7-9 Ft. Walton/Destin, FL
Aug 8-10, Ft. Walton/Destin, FL

Reiki Master Teacher
Lisa Ross-Walker
Phone: 801-360-6909
Facilitating classes in UT

Reiki I & II
Nov 2-3, Lindon, UT

ART Only
Sep 27, Lindon, UT

Reiki Master/Teacher
Patricia Williams
Phone: (772) 569-2877 (EST)
Toll Free: (877) 569-2877
Mobile: (772) 696-1910
Facilitating classes in: FL, SC, VA, and Abaco, Bahamas


Reiki I & II
Mar 19-20, Vero Beach, FL
Apr 12-13, 2014 Vero Beach, FL
May 17-18, Vero Beach, FL
Jun 14-15, Virginia Beach, VA

Jan 17-19, 2014, Vero Beach, FL
Mar 21-23, Vero Beach, FL

Senior Reiki Master/Teacher
Marv Witbeck - Semi-Retired
Phone 1-540-562-4075 (EST)
Facilitating classes in Virginia.

Classes Listed By State

Reiki Class Descriptions - I,II,ART,Master & Karuna Reiki®
Special Reiki Classes and Retreats
at Power Spots and in Exotic Lands
Continuing Education and Contact Hours for Nurses, Massage Therapists, Body Workers and Athletic Trainers
Our Professional Licensed Teachers (PLTs) - Their Backgrounds & Qualifications
Ethical Standards for Center Licensed Teacher Program
Advanced Teacher Training Program
Student Database A list of all students who have taken classes from our Licensed Teachers.
Class Sponsorship Program


When you have located a class that you would like to register for, there are three methods you can use to sign up:

1.Questions about a Class? If you have questions about Reiki or about the classes or if you would like to register for a class, contact the teacher directly. Please visit the teacher's website, email them or call them on the phone. You will find the teacher's contact information in the schedule below, or on the Teachers Page. The class schedules listed below are not complete as new classes are being added and updated regularly. So, please contact the teacher directly if you have questions or are interested in taking a class.2. William Rand's classes, sign up on line by clicking on the link for the class you're interested in or click here. You can submit your deposit or full fee payment via credit card using our secure server.3. For William Rand's classes, you can also send your registration request along with your deposit or full class fee to: Vision Publications, 21421 Hilltop Street, Unit #28, Southfield, Michigan 48034. Please make your check payable to Vision Publications. Make sure that you include your complete contact information including your mailing address, Email address if you have one and a phone number where we can reach you. In addition, include the location and date of the class that you are registering for.Please note that all Center classes are taught by Professional Licensed Teachers (PLTs) who are independent business people. All class fees are paid to the teacher and are not paid to the ICRT. Please contact the teacher directly if you have questions about a class.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact us using one of the methods outlined above. We look forward to working with you in expanding your Reiki education.

Healing Circles, Reiki Exchanges & Events

Sedona, AZ
Laurelle Shanti Gaia& Michael Arthur Baird
Reiki Share open to everyone.
Phone: (928) 204-1216 or 928-203-7755. 
Wednesdays 6-8 p.m. RSVP. Please see for updates. Reiki Share open to everyone.CALIFORNIA
Glendale, CA

Jessica Miller
Phone: 1-626-963-3533 (California PST)
Mondays/Thursdays 6:30-9:30

Reiki Healing Nights An informal introduction to Reiki, and a place for practitioners to practice, the evening includes chat time, Reiki Healing attunements and sessions on the tables.
Thursdays: (Always Thursday before Sierra Madre Reiki 1&2)
Mondays: (Always night after Sierra Madre Reiki 1&2)
Ladera Ranch, CA
Julie Russell

Phone: 949.388.0920 
Reiki Share Offered the 2nd Wednesday of Each Month. Location: Ladera Ranch/South Orange County, CA; Time: 7:15pm-9:30pm. Please see for details.FLORIDA
Sandra Trimble
Phone: (850)217-5419
Reiki Gathering 
Mana Lomi Reiki & Massage
1982 Lewis Turner Blvd,  Ste C, Ft Walton Beach, FL
Third Monday of each month. 6:30 - 8:30 PM

Marriottsville, MD
Tracy M. Houchins
Every 3rd Tuesday of the month, from 6:30 – 8:00pm, Reiki Practitioners are invited to come together to assist each other on their healing journeys by giving and receiving Reiki. Reiki Shares are open to all levels of Reiki Practitioners. There is no fee. An offering basket will be available and proceeds will be given to local animal shelters. Your RSVP is appreciated when possible. 410-720-2510 or 410-599-3535.

Southfield, MI
William Lee Rand
Monthly Reiki share group
Contact Jan at the Center for dates and times

Carolyn Musial
First Wednesday of every month at 7:00 p.m.
Phone:  716-572-3980
Everyone Welcome!

Colleen Benelli
Reiki Shares: Offered monthly in Gresham, OR on first Tuesday of each month. Please contact Colleen at or 503-912-0664 for dates and timesSOUTH CAROLINA
Reiki Clinic & Share Summerville, SC
Open for Practitioners and Public

Dianne Thomas
E mail:
Phone: 843-821-0232 or 843-297-2468
Held monthly on Sunday - Please call for 2012 dates 2-5pm - free 20 minute sessions with appointment 5-6pm - Informal intro to Reiki and discussion time
The Pink Dolphin Reiki Center in Summerville, SC

Reiki Gatherings 6:30 p.m. in Roanoke, VA

Please contact Lynn Boggess
Phone: 540-947-5888

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