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Dear Reiki Friend,

Lately it has become very apparent that the pace of life on our planet is increasing. This can be a good thing if we use this change to improve our lives and at the same time maintain balance.

Technology is rapidly evolving, providing many new resources for us to use. If we choose wisely, and manage our time appropriately, our lives can increase in health and joy at the same time we help create a better world.

The continued improvement in our ability to communicate with people all over the planet has increased the developmental pace of everything including Reiki. As I travel around the world, teaching Reiki classes and in my communication with Reiki people from all backgrounds and lineages I encounter many new ideas and skills that people are using to improve their Reiki practices.

I would like to share this information with you in this free online Reiki newsletter. If you take the time to sign-up and to read this newsletter, I am sure you will find valuable ideas not only to help you understand the nature of Reiki better, but also to help you learn new skills and to become inspired.

Reiki is such a wonderful energy, coming from such an unlimited and joy filled source that we can only benefit by spending more time learning about it and using it.

I invite you to subscribe to this free Reiki Online newsletter. I promise I'll send you valuable articles and insights regularly - and this is sure to give you new choices that could easily improve the course of your life and lives of others around you. If you would like to join, please enter your Email address in the box located at the top of this page and click subscribe. I look forward to the opportunity of sharing the wonders and beauty of Reiki with you.

Sincerely with love and light,

William Lee Rand

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