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Streaming Audio is quickly becoming one of the most popular "cutting edge" technologies being used on the Internet today. As a result, we have added streaming audio to many pages of this Web site. You will find informational comments, segments from various Reiki audio tapes and even Reiki healing sessions complete with streaming voice audio. Click the play button on the following control panel to listen to our opening voice comment:

Reiki Slide Show
After listening to the opening comment above, click on
the link below to see and hear the Introduction to Reiki
slide show

Introduction to Reiki

Reiki Ideals
Learn to recite the five Reiki Ideals
of Dr. Usui in Japanese, as taught by Chetna Kobayashi.
Learn the Reiki Ideals

QuickTime Instructions


To take full advantage of these new features, you will want to make sure that you have the QuickTime Plug In installed in your Web browser. With this plug-in you will be able to access the streaming audio comments on our Web site as well as streaming audio and video from other sites on the Internet. The plug in is free and will only cost you a few minutes of time to download it. Click on the QuickTime icon below to become a part of this new multimedia revolution.

Click Here to Download

To map out our Internet strategy for the next few years, we had to examine all of the available technologies to chose one that would be the most flexible for our needs. Our final decision was to use Quicktime created by Apple Computer. The professional music and film industries are currently putting Quicktime technology on the map making QuickTime the hottest streaming technology on the Internet.

With a customer base of more than twenty million Mac and Windows users who downloaded the preview release, and a growing list of online publishers including, most recently, Fox News Online, Fox Sports Online and The Weather Channel, its time for you to begin surfing the Internet using your free QuickTime plugin. Once you download and install your Quicktime browser plug in, you will have immediate access to this quickly expanding multimedia world.

The BBC, Bloomberg, HBO, NPR and WGBH Boston use QuickTime in their digital media offerings as do industry giants like Broderbund, Voyager, Cyan, Pixar, Lucasfilm, Macromedia, Microsoft, Disney and CNN. All for one simple reason: QuickTime is the standard for digital video and streaming media. Over 17,000 software products are built with QuickTime, and 400 new QuickTime-enabled products are created every month. And more than 57% of websites that use video use QuickTime.

Even though we're asking that you install QuickTime to preview the exciting things we're planning at, we know that you will benefit many times over through being able to access this new and exciting multimedia world with QuickTime as your window. Download and enjoy!


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