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ICRT Licensed Reiki Master Teachers


Please note that the ICRT is an accrediting body and membership organization. Our Licensed Reiki Master Teachers (LRMTs) are licensed to use our name and our logo as an indication that they are members of our membership association. They are not employed by the ICRT and teach their classes as independent business people responsible for scheduling their own classes, collecting class fees, and setting up class locations etc.


Reiki Teachers licensed by the International Center for Reiki Training have completed an advanced program of study after becoming a Reiki Master.

LRMTs agree to support the Center's Philosophy and Purpose. They agree to abide by our code of ethics and also agree to include all elements of the Center's training program, providing consistency in our training.

Questions about a Class? Please note that all Center classes are taught by LRMTs who are independent business people. All class fees are paid to the teacher and are not paid to the ICRT. If you have questions about Reiki or about the classes or if you would like to register for a class, contact the teacher directly. Please email them or call them on the phone. The class schedules listed on our web site are not complete as new classes are being added regularly. So, please contact the teacher directly if you have questions or are interested in taking a class.

ICRT Licensed Reiki Master Teachers

William Lee Rand
Senior Reiki Master/Teacher, Holy Fire III, President of the ICRT, the Center for Reiki Research and the Reiki Membership Association

Email: center@reiki.org|

Phone: (800) 332-8112 or (248) 948-8112 Fax (248) 948-9534 (Michigan EST)

Facilitating classes in: MI, NY, UK, Europe, Australia, Japan, Brazil, India, Netherlands, and other areas internationally.

Michael Arthur Baird
Senior Reiki Master/Teacher, Holy Fire III, Executive Director of Licensed Reiki Master Teacher Program and ICRT Mentor Teacher

Email: michael@reikiclasses.com

Phone: (800) 359-3424 or (928) 204-1216 (Arizona Pacific Time)

Facilitating classes in: AZ, NY.

Colleen Benelli
Senior Reiki Master Teacher, Holy Fire III, Co-Director of Licensed Teacher Training Program and ICRT Mentor Teacher

Email: colleen@reikilifestyle.com

Web Site: www.reikilifestyle.com

Facilitating classes in: OR, CA, WA.

Phone: (503) 912-0664

Karen Caig
Email: karen@arkansasreiki.com

Web: www.arkansasreiki.com

Phone: (479) 717-7746

Facilitating classes in AR, OK, MO, TN, and internationally.

Cami Coté
Email: cami@heartrhythmreiki.com

Web: www.heartrhythmreiki.com

Phone: (406) 218-9040

Facilitating classes in MT, ID and WA.

Terry M. Dulin
Email: TerryDulin@Hotmail.com

Web: www.MidwestReikiCenter.com

Phone: (219) 712-0507

Facilitating classes in IN, IL, MI, NE and OH.

Robin Fuerst
Senior Reiki Master Teacher, Holy Fire III and Mentor Teacher

Email: robin@healingjourneyoptions.com

Website: www.healingjourneyoptions.com

Cell phone (509) 432-6873

Facilitating classes in OR, WA, ND, ID, MT and Vancouver, BC.

Bryce Goebel
Email: classes@areikiplace.com

Website: www.AReikiPlace.com

Phone: (704) 654-7070

Facilitating classes in NC, GA, TN, and VA.

Ana and Carlos Gonzalez
Email: center@nyreiki.com

Website: www.nyreiki.com

Phone: (516) 742-4791(New York EST)

Facilitating classes in NY and Costa Rica

Karen Harrison
Senior Reiki Master Teacher, Holy Fire III, Co-Director of Licensed Teacher Training Program and ICRT Mentor Teacher

Email: karen@karenharrison.net

Web Site: www.karenharrison.net

Phone: (913) 526-6556

Facilitating classes in: KS, MO, TX, NE, OK

Jay V. Jackson
Email: Jay.Jackson@Reiki-Healing-Arts.com

Website: www.Reiki-Healing-Arts.com

Phone: (801) 633-3545

Facilitating classes in CO, NM, NV, and UT.

Teresa Jantz

Email: TouchpointTherapy@gmail.com

Website: TouchpointTherapy.com

Phone: (970) 903-2547

Facilitating classes in CO, NM, AZ  and TX.

Chellie & Mike Kammermeyer
Email: sacredunionreiki@aol.com

Websites: www.innercompassreiki.com

Phone: (510) 499-4332

Facilitating classes in AK, CA, OR and WA.

Tianne D. Lastra
Email: TDL3723@aol.com

Websites: www.amazingreiki.com

Facilitating classes in LA, FL and Puerto Rico.

Pamela Allen-LeBlanc

Email: pam@hiddenbrook.ca

Websites: www.hiddenbrook.ca

Facilitating classes in NB, ME, MA, NH, NS, ON, AB, BC.

Jaleh Makhzani
Email: j_makhzani@yahoo.com

Website: www.reikiworld.ir

Phone: +98 21 22229404

Facilitating classes in Iran, CA, MD, VA, DC

Mobile: +98 912 612 7058

Mobile US: 240-396-7111

Joan Maute
Email: joan@RisingLightReiki.com

Website: www.RisingLightReiki.com

Phone: 434-962-4108

Facilitating classes in HI, VA, Quebec, Canada and other US states.

Kathy Milanowski

Email: beautyofcompassion@gmail.com

Website: www.ReikiTransformations.com

Facilitating classes in WI, MN, IL, MI, WVa, MD, PA.

Carolyn Musial
Senior Reiki Master Teacher, Holy Fire III, Director of Licensed Reiki Master Teachers and ICRT Mentor Teacher

Email: carolyn@reikicare.com

Phone: (716) 572-3980

Website: reikicare.com

Facilitating classes in NY, PA and Ontario, Canada

Patricia Naffky
Email: CoreConceptsClarence.Trish@gmail.com

Website: www.CoreConceptsClarence.com

Phone: (716) 308-0449

Facilitating classes in NY, GA, MA, MN, VA and NC.

Julie Russell RN

Email: ReikiOC@gmail.com

Website: www.ReikiOrangeCounty.org

Phone: (949) 370-7592

Facilitates Classes in South Orange County, California and Akron, Ohio

Vidya Singh
Email: vsinghrm@gmail.com

Website: www.zendoreiki.com

Facilitating classes in Mumbai (India), London (UK), Abudhabi (UAE), Dallas, TX (US) and Spain.

Susannah Spanton

Email: info@reikimelody.com

Website: www.reikimelody.com

Phone: (215) 630-8534

Facilitating classes in PA, NJ and DE

Lisa StarAhna


Phone: (801) 360-6909

Facilitating classes in UT

Tracey Sullivan
Email: tracey@reikiintegration.com

Website: www.reikiintegration.com

Phone: (203) 927-0672

Facilitating classes in: CT, NY

Jill Thiel
Email: jthiel@mnreikicenter.com

Website: www.mnreikicenter.com

Facilitating classes in MN, IO, SD, WI and Manitoba, Canada.

Dianne Thomas

Email: underthewillow7@gmail.com

Website: www.thepinkdolphin.com/reiki

Phone: (843) 821-0232

Facilitating classes in: SC and AL

Duff Cady (memorium)


In Memory of Duff Cady. Duff was one of our Licensed teachers and I'm sad to say that he passed on this past Saturday July 25, 2009 at 1:30pm. He was on his way to teach a class and had a heart attack as he was getting off an airplane.

Duff was a wonderful person who was always in good humor and had something positive to say about everyone. Having lots of funny stories and jokes to tell, it was always good to see him. He was also a great healer and used Reiki in unique ways and combined it with other healing skills and gifts. Duff was the one who discovered the location of Mrs. Takata's Reiki clinic in Hilo, Hawaii.

We will always remember him as a kind and loving person who allowed Reiki to be his guide.

Advanced Teacher Training Program:
Licensing Requirements

Our LRMTs have taken an advanced curriculum of study that takes at least three years to complete. This includes taking all the required classes, reviewing all the classes, taking a written examination, writing a paper and doing a minimum of 100 complete Reiki treatments after entering the program, then co-teaching each class before teaching on their own. LRMTs are licensed to use our logo. To maintain their license, each teacher must review classes at least once a year and turn in class reviews from each student in classes they teach. They agree to support the Center Philosophy and Purpose and the Reiki Ideals and to be working on their own personal healing. They also agree to abide by a code of ethics and minimum teaching standards.These high standards allow our LRMTs to provide quality Reiki training that is consistent and verifiable. Our high standards have also helped our teachers become qualified to offer CEs for nursing, and CEUs for massage therapy and athletic trainers to students who take their classes. In addition, our high standards provide the basis for our plans to interface with the medical community including working in hospitals and doctors offices.


Our trainings and events are open to anyone wanting to experience Reiki energy or to work on personal and global healing issues.For training times, see our schedule of courses.

Program Availability

Our LRMTs now teach in association with the Center and several dozen are in the training program.While completion of our program is limited by access to our licensed teachers, licensing is not necessary for you to be a quality teacher of Reiki. If you wish to dedicate your life to becoming a Reiki Teacher, we encourage you to pursue Master Teacher training through our training program.

Learn More About our Licensed Reiki Master Teacher Program




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