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Reiki Questions and Answers

by The International Center for Reiki Training

Q. I understand that you do only one attunement for level one while many Reiki Masters do four. Are you leaving something out and is your one attunement as powerful as the four the others are giving?

A. When I first started teaching Reiki, I used the four attunement method for level one. However, I started to think about the four attunement method and realized that the two middle attunements were exactly the same. I also realized that only one attunement is given for level two which is a more powerful attunement than the four attunements for level one. So I meditated on this and came to the conclusion that experimenting with the attunement process might bring insight. I combined all the parts from the four attunements into one very powerful attunement. I found and, so did my students who had already had level one, that the one attunement method was more powerful and resulted in stronger Reiki than the four attunement method. Because of this, I continue to use the one combined super attunement rather than the four attunements of lesser power. You must keep in mind that Dr. Usui received all of his Reiki including the Master attunement in just one attunement and this is how he taught. It was Dr. Hayashi who broke the process up into three degrees and divided the first level into four attunements. So, the four attunement method is not how Dr. Usui originally taught. When I teach the Master class, I teach how to do the four attunement method as well as how to do the one attunement method so the student is thoroughly trained and can practice the method she or he chooses.

Q. You teach level one and two together in one weekend. My teacher says that this is wrong and you must wait at least three months between level one and level two or problems could result. Why have you chosen to teach them together.

A. When I first began teaching Reiki, I taught Reiki one separate from Reiki two. As time went by, I began to teach them closer together. As I continued to do this, I found that many students were still "up" from level one and so they seemed to be boosted even higher when they received level two. The closer I taught them together, the greater benefit the students seemed to receive. So I eventually began teaching them together in one weekend. This has proven to create the greatest benefit and there have never been any problems that have developed by teaching them together. Keep in mind that Reiki can only do good and will never cause harm to the student. Also, by teaching them together on one weekend, the students receive the second degree symbols right away and can start using them to heal themselves more deeply and to help others with their stronger Reiki and through distant treatments. In addition, it must be kept in mind as was stated in the previous answer, Dr. Usui taught the complete system of Reiki as one level, passing it on to others exactly how he had received it. It was Dr. Hayashi who broke the system up into three levels. Also, it is important to know that occasionally Mrs. Takata taught level one and two together sometimes in the same day. The idea that you must wait three months between levels is a new idea that some Reiki Master have decided to make a into ridged rule. It is not based on how Dr. Usui or even on how Mrs. Takata taught. I have found greater benefit for the students in teaching them together and so I continue to do so. The Reiki Masters I train are not required to teach them together and can teach them with as much or as little time between level one and two as they choose. Our classes are well organized intensives that contain adequate practice time in class, are reasonably priced and emphasize the spiritual purpose of Reiki.

Q. You do not charge $10,000 for the Master level. I have been told that this is the required fee and if you don't charge this amount, you will not really be a Reiki Master and your Reiki will not work.

A. The idea of charging $10,000 for Reiki Mastership was started by Mrs. Takata in 1970. It is not part of the Usui tradition. It is also known that she charged this fee to some, but not all of those she initiated. She initiated several for free and others for a much lower fee. Phyllis Furumoto, Mrs. Takata's granddaughter was initiated as a Reiki Master and paid no fee at all! It is not necessary to charge $10,000 for Reiki Mastership. Furthermore, experience has demonstrated that the amount paid has no effect on the quality of the Reiki initiation one receives. The Center charges fees that are reasonable as it is felt that high fees place an unnecessary restriction on the development of Reiki at a time when we need as many Reiki Masters and practitioners as possible.


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