World Peace Crystal Grid
Placed at the South Pole

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World Peace Crystal Grid
Placed at the South Pole
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World Peace Crystal Grid
This is a picture of the World Peace Crystal Grid
as it lays on the snow at the South Pole.

The inscription on the plaque says: "May the followers of all religions and spiritual paths work together to create peace among all people on earth."

To download a high quality printable pdf of the grids
Click Here

You can charge this grid with Reiki thus increasing the healing energy it sends out to the world. Just draw the Usui distant symbol and begin sending Reiki to the picture. Many have reported healing energy coming back to them from the picture when they do this. Click your mouse on the picture to make it bigger.

In May, 1997, I placed a specially designed and empowered Reiki Grid - the World Peace Crystal Grid at the North Pole. It was created with the intent of promoting world peace by becoming a planetary beacon charged with healing energies sent by people from all over the world. Over 5000 pictures of this WPCG have been distributed to those who have requested them, enabling them to become actively involved in this project to promote world peace by sending distant Reiki to the grid through the picture. Benefit is transmitted not only to the earth, but also to all who send healing.

The grid also acts as a relay station for higher beings, including the founders of all world religions, enlightened beings, and ascended masters, who are assisting with the evolution of the planet. (Click here to see the article featured in the Summer 1997 issue of the Reiki News for more details and pictures about this experience.)

In December 1999, the World Peace Crystal Grid project was brought to completion when I placed a companion WPCG grid at the South Pole! The central receptor crystals on both grids were cut from the same tabular quartz crystal causing them to be energetically aligned and connected. Now both ends of the earth are "capped" with WPCGs. This brings the process into dynamic attunement creating a unified field between them and the earth. The balance it creates directly enhances the balance and peace the WPCGs are able to bring to the earth and greatly multiplies the healing energies they transmit. Pictures of the WPCG at the South Pole are now available.

It is possible for planes to land at Patriot Hills because of a unique weather situation. The wind at Patriot Hills is katabatic; this mean it is created by gravity. The wind comes over Patriot Hills and swirls down onto the glacial ice, blowing off the snow. This creates a relatively flat, blue ice runway on which wheeled planes can land, thus allowing the CL-130 to fly back and forth between Punta Arenas and Patriot Hills.

Because there is no ground radar or other flight aids, the pilots must use "visual flight rules." This means they can't land unless they can clearly see the horizon as well as the surface of the runway. So, if it is snowing, or if the snow is blowing, or if there are low light conditions, the plane cannot land. Therefore, the plane does not take off from Punta Arenas unless these conditions are present at Patriot Hills and there is a good chance that the conditions will hold for the six hours that it takes to fly there. This weather dependent flight schedule has created many delays in the past. One couple I met had tried to make the trip last year, and waited two weeks without getting clear weather and were not able to go. Others have taken off and arrived at Patriot Hills only to have to fly back without landing, because the weather deteriorated. So, I feel lucky in that I had to wait only four days before the weather cleared and we could take off. This weather contingent flight schedule would effect every part of the trip. And as you shall see, it actually helped provide the opportunity to make the trip a success!

Antarctica is a most interesting continent. It's the size of the US and Mexico combined, yet has a population of only about 2000 people. While there is animal life along some of the shorelines, the interior has no life at all - no birds, animals, insects and no plants. It snows only three inches a year and because of the very low precipitation, it is considered a desert area. But because it is too cold for the snow to melt, it has accumulated continuously for millions of years. As it compresses under its own weight, it forms into glacial ice. Because of this, the whole continent is covered with glaciers over two miles thick which contain about 3/4 of the worlds fresh water. Under the ice and next to the surface of the continent, there are fresh water liquid lakes, created by volcanic heat, some as large as Lake Ontario, which have never been exposed to sunlight or air in over 25 million years! The continent expands to almost double its size in the winter as ice forms along the shoreline, then contracts in the summer. The sun does not set for six months, during the summer season, which is when I was there, and just circles around in the sky. You can tell what time of day it is by the position of the sun is in relation to your tent.

After arriving at the camp, I was assigned a tent to sleep in. The tents are solar heated. The outside temperature is about +5 degrees F and went down to -31 degrees F at the South Pole, but because the sun is up all the time, and the tents are designed to retain solar energy, the inside of the tent was much warmer and sometimes got up to +45 degrees F. Our warm clothing and sleeping bags made it tolerable. The main tent at Patriot Hills was the cooking/dining tent which also had snow melters inside to create drinking water. This tended to keep it nice and warm and most people hung out here while they waited for the weather to clear so they could fly out to their destinations.

I spent about a week altogether waiting here and had some of the most interesting conversations. The people who travel to Patriot Hills are mostly extreme athletes who are coming to Antarctica to climb mountains, go skiing or to go on expeditions across the continent. Many have been on expeditions all over the world. Here I met Alain Hubert who in 1997, cross country skied 2500 miles across Antarctica to the South Pole and on to McMurdo, pulling all his own supplies in a sled behind him. He used a kite, which he developed, to pull him along. Because of the high winds, he sometimes reached speeds of over 60 M.P.H. and covered a record 180 miles in one day! He and his partner set a record for this type of crossing. Also, there was Stephen Koch who is in the process of snowboarding the highest mountains on seven continents. He had already snowboarded down five including Mt. Vinson in Antarctica and plans to complete all seven including Mt. Everest by 2001! There were also ski and mountaineering guides as well as several camp pilots, all of whom had interesting stories as well.

So, finally after waiting four days at Patriot Hills, the weather cleared and we took off for the South Pole. Our plane was a modified DC3 with skis, and we were scheduled to have a three hour escorted tour of the South Pole and the scientific station when we arrived. This would have been far too short for what I needed to do with the WPCG. So, I was resigned to placing the WPCG at Patriot Hills after I got back. But fortunately, my luck changed with the weather. After we got there we were taken on the three hour tour and were shown the science base inside a geodesic dome and escorted to the geographic South Pole, a short distance from the station. As we got back to the plane, we were told that the weather at Patriot Hills was deteriorating, and we would have to stay at the South Pole until conditions improved. There was no room at the science station so we had to set up our tents.

The weather at Patriot Hills turned into a severe storm with winds over 100 M.P.H. and lots of snow. Visibility was reduced to only 6 feet, and people had to rope themselves together to move around the camp. Ten tents collapsed because of the weight of the snow and the main tent had to be continually dug out to prevent it from collapsing. We were lucky that we missed it and I found out later that this was the worse storm the Patriot Hills camp had ever experienced! However, weather at the South Pole was ideal with blue skies and lots of sun, and almost no wind! We ended up spending five days there before the weather cleared at Patriot Hills and we could leave. This gave me lots of time to meditate with the WPCG.

While at the South Pole I taught a mini Reiki class with two women students. This was their first camping experience, and with a wind chill of -60 degrees F and an altitude of 10,000 feet, they were very uncomfortable. So I thought I would try to cheer them up. First I offered Reiki treatments which they gladly accepted. Then I brought them some hot water and biscuits and suggested that I could teach them Reiki. They liked this even better. I explained how Reiki works, gave them the attunement, and had them practice on each other. They loved it! And were much happier. In fact, according to one woman, Reiki helped her keep warm, and the other woman said she was more relaxed, and better able to cope with the difficult conditions. Also, after returning to Patriot Hills I gave a Reiki talk in the cooking/dining tent and taught another Reiki class with eight students.

The energy in Antarctica and especially at the South Pole is phenomenal! It is a very pure environment with thousands of miles of nothing but snow and ice all around. Only the tops of mountains, called nunataks are visible, sticking up out of the glacial ice, and the sun is shining all the time. Being so close to the magnetic pole, and at a high altitude, there's a wonderful feeling of intensity, clarity and peace. During my five day stay at the South Pole, I had some wonderful meditations. I was able to sit right on the exact South Pole with the WPCG, and at the same time, tune into the WPCG at the North Pole, and then experience the huge ball of the earth between the poles. I could feel tremendous energy, and I sent Reiki, and prayed for peace on earth. I was able to do this a number of times. I also did the Reiki moving meditation, asking that my divine mission on Earth be fulfilled. These were all intensely powerful, and it was during one of these experiences that I had a personal healing of great importance, which continued to unfold for several weeks. This was a major piece that I had been working with for many years, and now that it is complete, I can see that this experience was a turning point, which is opening new possibilities for my work as a healer and teacher.

Earth's Magnetic Field

After several days of meditation and picture taking, I took time to do a special ritual and buried the WPCG at the South Pole the day before we left. It will remain there slowly becoming buried deeper beneath the surface as each years snow fall accumulates.

I encourage everyone to send Reiki to the WPCGs at both poles. This is an effective way to send healing to the earth. It also brings greater peace into the lives of all those who send healing. The WPCGs are empowered to encourage harmony and cooperation between all religions and spiritual paths. One of the problems the world is still experiencing is tension and struggle between religious groups. This has been the cause of many wars and much suffering. The problems in the Middle East, in Ireland, and in Kosovo, as well as most terrorist activities, have religious competitiveness as their main origin. As we look back in history we see that religious struggle between groups has been the source of great suffering experienced by people all over the planet. Religion is such a powerful force; if all religious and spiritual people could drop their competitiveness, and open heartedly work together, it is certain to greatly reduce suffering and bring about peace between all people very quickly.

If you want to be an active part of creating peace on earth, it is important to look within your own heart, and be aware of how you feel about people who have a different spiritual or religious orientation. If you find any feelings of competitiveness, distrust, or intolerance, and you accept what is being said here, then it is important to use Reiki to help heal these feelings, and replace them with loving acceptance.

Remember, at the core of most religious and spiritual practice is the belief that the Supreme Being has given each person free will. This means that the ability to exercise free will is a God given right, and the sacred expression of each person's soul! If we are to honor this, then we must respect the choice each person has made concerning which religion or spiritual path they are a part of. Then, by looking for the similarities, and focusing on them, it will be easy to cooperate with all others, and work together to create a better planet.

Reiki is a wonderful, natural way to bring peace on earth because it is open to, and attracts, people from all backgrounds and belief systems. The Universal healing energy of Reiki provides a common connection that is shared by all, helping to bond diverse groups through the expression of unconditional love. Reiki has spread all over the world, and there are now Christians, including Protestants and Catholics, that practice Reiki, as well as followers of Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Shintoism, Judaism, Taoism, native peoples and many others. People of many faiths have expressed thanks for their Reiki experience as they feel it strengthens their connection to the Creator, and provides a direct experience of his/her love and compassion.

The WPCGs have symbols for all the major belief systems of the world and their inscriptions read, "May the followers of all religions and spiritual paths work together to create peace among all people on earth." By sending Reiki to them, you help create harmony between all groups, and increase the healing energy available to everyone on earth.

12 Paths

So, let us give thanks for the blessing of Reiki, and the many opportunities we have in the new millennium to share its miraculous healing. May the hearts of all people be open, and let us celebrate the joyous realization that everyone is a miracle of the Creator's love.


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